Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Methane Leak in Bradford County

The stargazette reported on Monday, May 21st a methane leak  into several private wells in Bradford County, Pennsylvania; the source is being pinpointed as the Chesapeake Energy’s Morse frack pad. Testing is currently being conducted by the company in compliance with well owners, and the company is providing homes with fresh drinking water and filters to continue bathing and washing dishes safely. This event is ironically happening down the road from another Chesapeake well that blew out last year and took several days to clean up.

The wells in that area of Bradford County are MORSE 3H and MORSE 5H, with API numbers 015-20929 and 015-20932 respectively. The permits for both wells were issued on May 26th, 2010. The drilling for 3H began on September 17th, 2010 and for 5H, August 23rd, 2010.
A special thanks goes out to Laurie Barr from Save Our Streams PA for reporting this and sending us the links to information on this incident. All information provided in this blog post was taken from an article on stargazette.com, and was written up by G. Jeffery Aaron.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tanker Collides With Drill Rig Off Corpus Christi, Texas

The FR8 Pride, a Panamax tanker that carries petroleum products, lost power this morning and drifted into a mobile offshore drilling unit - a large jackup drill rig called the Rowan EXL I.  The rig was not drilling at the time; it was damaged and has been stabilized.  The tanker sustained flooding in a bow compartment and grounded itself; it is carrying a load of fuel oil.  No oil spill has been reported.  View a video of the collision and aftermath.

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