Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hydrogen Cyanide Release in Delaware City, DE

There is an ongoing release of potentially lethal hydrogen cyanide into the atmosphere at the Delaware City Refinery in Delaware City, DE.  The release started with a mechanical failure on October 2  and has continued for the last two weeks, currently reported to be releasing up to 200 pounds per day of hydrogen cyanide into the air. In addition to SkyTruth Alerts, this ongoing release is also reported in the Delaware Environmental Release Notification System.

Delaware City Refinery - site of the ongoing release

To be notified of additional reports at this location, you can follow this incident:
 [[Location: 39.587, -75.63]]

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Beautiful Gulf Image Today - MODIS/Terra

Thought I'd share this pretty satellite image of the Gulf of Mexico, taken at about 10:30 am local time this morning. No sign of the smoke plume we reported on from October 2, which was also visible on yesterday's Terra and Aqua images.

So enjoy.  Click to get the larger version, formatted to be 16:9 so it makes a sweet background for most computer monitors...!